Former “Biggest Loser” working with truckers

Pilot Flying J Health Champion and “Biggest Loser” Pete Thomas is offering truck drivers practical advice on how to achieve health and wellness while on the road. Thomas has inspired thousands of drivers with his personal story of transformative weight loss, according to TMAF, the industry-wide image and education movement.

“We’ve listened to professional drivers and built the TeamPETE program to offer practical exercise tips and healthier food options for drivers on the road who don’t have the option of a gym or visiting a grocery store daily for food choices,” said Thomas, author, motivational speaker and Pilot Flying J Health Champion.

Thomas says to remember the “3 Fs” for permanent weight loss:

  • Fluid – Don’t drink your calories. Drink a lot of calorie-free water or diet soda with your meal.
  •  Filler – Eat plenty of low-calorie vegetables or salad with low-calorie dressing to fill up on healthy items first.
  • Feast – This is the food item you most want to eat. (That mouth-watering steak, filet, or dessert). Eat these “feast” foods sparingly, after filling up on healthy choices like vegetables.

Thomas offers drivers who are members of TeamPETE plenty of exercise and stretching recommendations to encourage movement while stopping to fuel at a Pilot or Flying J. He also provides healthy snack options, including energy foods, and advice on frequency of snacking.

Thomas has made it easy for drivers to choose healthier eating options while on the road through his “Pete’s Picks” list. Drivers can download Pete’s Picks from the Pilot Flying J website and learn how to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Thomas was on the “Biggest Loser” television program for 62 days in 2005 and lost 83 pounds. After he went home, he achieved further weight loss of 102 pounds, for a total of 185 pounds. He has kept the weight off for 10 years. In 2010, Thomas and Pilot Flying J formed a partnership to coach professional drivers through their journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about this partnership and sign up for TeamPETE at