Physical Damage Insurance

NITIC has been providing physical damage insurance solutions to numerous Americans for over 30+ years. We offer excellence and high quality in our truck insurance services and ensure that your truck is provided with the right physical damage coverage at your affordability. Our experts will guide you through each step in fulfilling your insurance requirements including renewals. You can count on us for your every truck insurance coverage need.

Get Physical Damage Coverage for Your Truck’s Hefty Repair Bills!

Complete protection with less money spent
Whether you are an independent driver or own a trucking business, your commercial vehicles need coverage against various risks like accidents, overturns, collisions, or other sorts of damages. Physical damage insurance is vital for truckers and businesses that use various types of trucks for hauling shipments to several destinations.

What is physical damage insurance?

Physical Damage Insurance is coverage for your truck and trailer. This insurance coverage is for repair or replacement for damage resulting from things such as collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism to your owned vehicles. Pricing is based on the value of your equipment and usually pays a percentage of that value. Physical damage coverage may be required by the lien holder of your vehicle.

This coverage comes in the following three parts:

What does physical damage insurance cover?

This truck insurance protects against the loss caused by the following:
If you pair your physical damage coverage with the following add-ons then you can get blanket protection for your trucks.

What does physical damage insurance NOT cover?

Although physical damage coverage gets you covered from the above incidents it won’t keep you protected from all risks. To get blanket coverage you need to add comprehensive protection as it doesn’t cover:

Physical damage insurance for businesses

Businesses that use various types of vehicles for commercial purposes need this insurance coverage to protect their operation and trucks. You can also purchase comprehensive physical damage coverage with fire and theft with CAC to strengthen the safety layer from several risks.

Businesses with multiple fleets of vehicles should carry physical damage coverage for vehicles especially, for new or valuable trucks.


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This policy is very important for owner-operator and motor carriers to carry out their operations without stressing about likely risks on the road.
You can lower your insurance cost by picking a higher deductible rate. This is an amount that you agree to pay out of your own pockets when you initiate the claim. However, make sure you choose an affordable amount.
Accidents either big or small can shake your budget for that particular month of the incident. Repairs and medical cost doesn’t come cheap so having physical damage insurance is vital to protect you from various perils that can put a break on your daily operations and jiggle your financial well-being.
You need to carry physical damage coverage even if your truck is on lease as rental companies require this.
We recommend you purchase comprehensive coverage when you are choosing between the two. This is because comprehensive cover protects you against the damages that arise in the event of theft, animal contact, natural calamities, etc. which collision coverage doesn’t.