Garage keepers Legal Liability Insurance

Having someone else property in your possession or custody held you responsible for all the damages from the likely risks. We understand that your job is unique and requires special protection for your garage operations. At NITIC, you get the right garage keepers insurance at the most affordable price. We offer bespoke insurance coverages that give you peace of mind every day.

What is garage keepers insurance?

Garagekeeper legal liability insurance protects your business against all the damages from the potential risks to the customer’s vehicle under your custody. This is important coverage for businesses providing automotive or towing services.

If you carry garagekeepers legal liability insurance, you get protected from legal liability when your customer vehicle gets damaged under your care while repairing, servicing, employee negligence, towing etc.

What businesses need garagekeepers legal liability insurance?

Garagekeepers insurance is important legal liability coverage for both small and big businesses. This policy provides safety against various types of financial disasters. This coverage is ideal for:

What type of protection do you get from garagekeeper legal liability insurance?

The garage keepers insurance provides three types of protection to a business that deals every day with vehicles.

Garagekeepers liability vs. garage liability, which one do you need?

Both these terms are used interchangeably but differ from each other.

Garagekeeper liability is designed for those vehicles which you possess but don’t own. Like the vehicles of your customer that you have kept in your care. This coverage protects you against all the damages from possible risks to your customer’s vehicle while servicing, repairing, or till the time you retain it. This policy is critical for auto-related businesses to protect their daily operations.

Garage liability provides financial security against accidents leading to damages or bodily injuries during garage operations. For example, while driving your own vehicle you hit a customer’s property. This coverage covers you against such risks or the damage done to another vehicle (not the one you cause the accident with). It is a standard coverage that is requisite for vehicle service providers.

What properties are not covered in garagekeepers legal liability insurance?

Garagekeeper’s legal insurance does cover your customer’s vehicle when they are under your care and custody, but it doesn’t cover the following property:

What coverages are included in garage keepers insurance?

Garagekeepers liability insurance offers coverage against the damages or loss to your customer’s vehicle or equipment under your custody and care while repairing, servicing, attending, or parking it. There are three types of coverages options available in this policy namely:


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The price of garagekeeper liability insurance varies from business to business. To determine the exact cost of your coverage you need to generate the insurance quote from us. However, the major factors that influence the cost of your associated premium are:
  • Location of business.
  • Types of vehicles you service or keep in your care.
  • Limit of coverage you choose.
  • The number of vehicles you deal with each day.
As garage liability insurance is a combination of general liability and policy that auto service providers need to obtain, it pays out for the following:
  • Medical expenditure
  • Repair expenses
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
Like every other type of insurance product, garagekeeper insurance has some exclusions as follows:
  • Theft of personal items inside the customer’s vehicle.
  • Damages to already faulty parts of the vehicle.
  • Equipment that is not permanently installed in the vehicle, such as a car stereo.
  • Bodily injury or property damage to the third party.
  • Theft by employees.
This depends on the number of vehicles you deal with each day and the amount of danger you face. Let us help you decide whether you need comprehensive or collision coverage. We can design a type of insurance policy that your business needs for smooth garage operations.