Georgia Commercial Truck Insurance

NITIC maintains a B++ Rating with A.M. Best and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We offer exceptional customer support and are ready to assist our clients round the clock. We have a team of highly experienced and certified professionals who carve out the best trucking coverage for you at your affordability.

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Whether you have one truck or multiple fleets under your ownership, we specialize in offering insurance coverage for all sizes of commercial vehicles and trailers in Georgia. Having incorrect coverage is equal to carrying no protection. We customize your truck insurance policy according to your business needs and what proves to be the most beneficial one. Reach out to us and get the most advantageous protection for your trucking business.

What do we offer?

When it comes to providing insurance coverage, NITIC is counted among the best in the state of Georgia. We offer the finest truck insurance at unbeatably affordable rates. We are renowned for our fastest claiming settlement process. We believe in reimbursing our clients when they need the money the most without any delay. Partner with us and be one of our valued customers!

Areas we cover in Georgia

We are proud to say that almost every city in Georgia has our customers who are satisfied and depended on us for their trucking needs. We serve in the following cities in the state:

As every state has different coverage requirements, we offer diverse saving options for different cities. Reach out to us and explore how many dollars you can save on your insurance coverage!

Commercial truck insurance in Georgia

Without adequate commercial truck insurance, your business will constantly be exposed to several risks that can damage its operation and reputation. Whether you ride a box truck or a semi-truck in Georgia, the less coverage you take the more you unprotect your business from various possibilities.  A single accident can bring serious results for your trucking business, so you need to carry proper coverage before getting your commercial trucks on the road.

What coverage does commercial truck insurance offer in Georgia?

Commercial truck insurance offers great protection from a wide range of possibilities both on and off the road. To get the best security from your truck policy, you need to choose your coverages carefully keeping your business requirements in mind. If you take adequate coverage, you get compensated for the property damage and medical expenses. However, these are only basic coverage and if want to get the most out of your trucking insurance, you need to add the following policy along with the primary liability:


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