Refrigeration Breakdown Coverage

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As the owner-operator of a reefer truck, you run the constant risk of temperature-controlled goods spoiling, if your refrigeration unit breaks down. In this situation, refrigerated truck insurance often known as reefer trucking insurance is a lifesaver for you.

It is an add-on insurance option for the cargo policy. A mechanical failure or accident that is unexpected and unforeseen is covered by refrigeration breakdown coverage.

If you frequently carry perishables, having this coverage might provide you with additional safety and contentment. Speak to one of our insurance experts; they will walk you through the approach and help you decide which options are best for your business.

What are the RISKS subject to reefer unit operation?

Thus, because of these concerns, it’s crucial to make sure your reefer truck is properly covered.

What does refrigeration breakdown insurance COVER?

Refrigeration breakdown coverage is an additional endorsement to motor truck cargo coverage. In unexpected and unforeseen circumstances, our insurance plan can protect your company by providing the following coverages:

This insurance gives carriers and shippers the assurance that they are properly covered to transport their commodities to a new site. They would be adequately covered and insured if something were to occur to those things as a result of an unforeseeable circumstance.

What EXCLUSIONS apply to refrigeration breakdown coverage?

Your reefer insurance is not applicable under the following circumstances:

Who needs refrigerated breakdown coverage?

Reefer breakdown coverage is for:

What other kinds of insurance are required for reefer trucking?

Following are the truck insurance coverage needed for refrigerated vehicles:

Primary Liability Insurance

Primary liability insurance provides coverage for motor carriers if any goods being transported are harmed. Motor carriers who transport chilled goods add the reefer license. While not normally covered by most insurance, loading and unloading can be included as an approval.

Physical Damage Coverage

The majority of motor carriers will choose physical damage protection to protect their truck in the event of an accident, even if it is not required by law. Physical damage insurance comes in two forms:

Medical Insurance

The reefer driver’s and their passengers’ medical needs are covered

Underinsured/ Uninsured Driver Insurance

Offers protection in the event that the at-fault party’s insurance is insufficient.

Additional Insurances

The motor carrier may choose to include one of the following, depending on whether they transport chilled items on trailers they don’t own:

How Much Does Reefer Breakdown Insurance Cost?

Your refrigerated breakdown insurance premium will depend on how our insurer evaluates the following variables:

Therefore, don’t delay referring to trucking insurance. Discuss your options freely with our insurance agent to get the best protection to assist your trucking business comply with FDA regulations and legal insurance needs.

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National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, provides timely, thorough, and cost-effective insurance solutions for refrigerated breakdown coverage. Regardless of level of experience, we welcome all trucking companies and drivers, and we offer the best protection to meet their specific needs.

We are conscious of all the risks involved in driving, loading, and unloading cargo from a road truck. Due to this, we are committed to comprehensive refer trucking insurance at the best rates.


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Reefer Breakdown Insurance is a special kind of insurance that protects against damages to refrigerated goods brought on by the failure of the truck’s refrigeration.
Unless your line of work involves the transportation of goods that must be transported at specific temperatures, reefer trucking insurance is not required.
The rates you will pay might be decided by the insurance company you choose and the level of protection you require. The premiums you pay would typically be much lower than the total expense of such obligations.