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National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG (NITIC) offers a variety of coverage options, Primary Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, Non-Trucking Liability and Short Term or Temporary Insurance. Call us, schedule a call, or chat with us today to find the options that are right for you.

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Commercial Truck Insurance by State

With more than 30+ years of expertise, we are providing owner-operators and motor carriers access to 30+ different types of commercial liability and truck insurance coverages tailored to their needs across 48 states.

Commercial Truck Insurance

As a leading commercial truck insurance company in America, we insure all types of trucks for owner-operators as well as private carriers offering highly flexible coverage at very competitive rates. We specialize in insuring
For a box truck, also referred to as straight/cube trucks, we offer coverages for cargo, reefer breakdown, physical damage, liability, and more.
We provide full coverage to protect transport truckers who operate these time-sensitive trucks without a CDL.
With coverages like general liability, physical damage, and stake body trucks for forestry, we cover specialty trucking including dump trucks for moving mud, sand, and gravel.
Our insurance coverages include general & comprehensive liability as well as garagekeepers & on-hook coverages for tow trucks.
For private carriers, we offer customized policies and also process your truck insurance filings when traveling across states.
No matter whether you are leased to a motor carrier or you operate on your own, we offer the best truck insurance coverage.
We provide a comprehensive insurance policy for your heavy-duty semi-truck that will secure your business from any unforeseen event.
From small duty to heavy duty, we provide coverages for all sizes of pickup trucks with coverages like liability, underinsured motorist, and physical damage



National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG (NITIC) is a commercial truck insurance company specializing in insuring independent owner-operators and small fleets.  We are licensed to provide truck insurance in 48 states and maintain a B++ Rating with A.M. Best. NITIC maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.







Commercial truck insurance is a collection of particular vehicle insurance plans created to cater to the demands of trucking companies. Your trucks are covered by standard commercial truck insurance plans in the case of an accident. The majority of losses from a variety of risks are covered by collision and comprehensive coverage.

We provide cheap 24 to 72 hour plans for owner-operators who need short-term or temporary coverage to move a vehicle. For people who need to transport a truck from the place of purchase to their house or take one for repairs, these policies are helpful.

Physical damage and short-term main liability coverage are both offered.

Our short term policy pricings are listed as:

  • 1 days – $140
  • 2 days – $240
  • 3 days – $340
  • 4 days – $440
  • 5 days – $540

Commercial truck insurance covers damages such as collision, theft, fire, explosions, as well as various other physical damages.

The vehicle’s weight influences the cost of truck insurance. Higher coverage limits are needed for heavier vehicles, which raises the cost of insurance. This is partly because it’s harder to stop quickly with a heavy vehicle and because it may do more harm than a slower one.

Trucking insurance might also be more costly in some locations. The cost of trucking insurance will be greater if you run your truck or vehicles primarily on congested roadways or in areas where the cost of living is high.

The cost of trucking insurance also depends on the kind and value of the cargo being transported.

Drivers or owners of larger vehicles like dump trucks, cargo vans, and automobiles weighing more than 15,000 pounds often require commercial truck insurance.

Typically, filings are finalized 48 hours after the request is made.

Your truck policy depends on the level of coverage you pick. However, if you take adequate commercial truck insurance then you protect your vehicles from events that could damage the truck and the drivers operating it. Whenever you buy a truck insurance policy, you need to look for:
Yes, the truck insurance policy covers all sorts of damage to the trailer. You can pick either comprehensive or collision or even both for your trailer.
The average cost of a commercial truck insurance policy ranges from $640 to $982. However, the actual rate of policy depends on several factors that impact its premiums such as:
  • Trucker’s driving experience
  • Past driving records
  • Level of coverage
  • Operating radius
  • Age of the truck
  • Type of truck, etc.
As trucks are bigger in size than other vehicles, the cost of insuring it also doesn’t come cheap. Additionally, they operate almost every day on the road which exposes your commercial vehicles to potential risks even more. Thus, the cost of truck insurance is a bit higher than other vehicles.
While commercial truck insurance helps trucking businesses to operate uninterruptedly and gives protection from all likely risks, there are a few things that are NOT covered in it such as
  • Non-accidental damages like wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, improper operation, etc.
  • Damages occurring due to irresponsible driving such as traffic violations, the influence of alcohol, etc.
  • Losses arise in the event of war, nuclear risks, intentional damages, etc.
The first step to purchasing commercial truck insurance is by contacting us. We will customize your truck policy according to the level of risks you are exposed to. You will get the best protection at the most affordable rate for sure!
The more you cover your commercial vehicle, the more financial support you get at the time of the accident. Sticking to the minimum state requirement might not benefit you when you suffer heavy property loss or physical injury in an accident. Consider adding the following coverages to your trucking policy for complete protection:
If you fail or forget to renew your commercial truck insurance then you would:
  • Not be reimbursed for the losses you suffer in the incident.
  • Not be paid the no-claim bonus.
  • Get penalized if you are not carrying the proper truck policy.