Connecticut Commercial Truck Insurance

NITIC specializes in providing the finest commercial truck insurance at affordable prices in Connecticut. We have insured several trucking businesses of all sizes across every city in the state. Our experts will help you customize the insurance coverage according to your trucking needs. If you are confused about determining the trucking coverage for yourself, we are happy to help!

Get the finest coverage at a minimum cost

Better price and quality service

Whether you are a private carrier or owner-operator, we have over 30 years of experience in carving the best coverage for our clients. Our policy premium costs are unbeatably affordable. You get unfailing customer support right from getting your truck policy to settling your claims in the quickest way possible.

What do we offer?

At NITIC, you get several trucking solutions under one roof. Once you partner with us, you will not think of going anywhere else because we provide exceptional service to our customers. We offer reliability as we maintain a B++ Rating with A.M. Best and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We provide several discount options in numerous truck insurances. Connect with us and see how much you can save.

Areas we cover in Connecticut

We have served countless customers across the state of Connecticut. We offer truck insurance in every city of Connecticut including:

If you are looking for a truck insurance policy at a reasonable price, then let us help you find one. We will personalize your coverage according to your need and budget.

Commercial truck insurance in Connecticut

Any Connecticut trucking company that uses any type of vehicle for business use needs to insure it correctly. Whether it is one or multiple, working under lease or own authority, you are required to get adequate commercial truck insurance to safeguard your business operations from all the likely risks on and off the road. Getting a proper policy is very beneficial for the insured as it pays out all the expenses that arise in an accident. Not having proper truck insurance means jeopardizing business operations and own financial well-being.

Why do you need commercial truck insurance in Connecticut?

Without commercial truck insurance, you expose your business to great financial risk. In Connecticut, all types of vehicles need to carry liability coverage as it is federal and state mandated. However, this policy only protects the third party from likely property damages or physical injuries arising out of an accident. If you want to add a layer of protection to your own trucks, drivers, and business, then you should get the following coverages:


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