Auto Haulers Insurance

Transporting vehicles from point A to point B is tough and carries many risks on and off the road. Risks to cargo, truckers, and the third party are inherent, you need the right auto haulers insurance to protect your business from all likely events. At NITIC, you get the right truck coverage tailored to your need at the most affordable rate.

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Hauling vehicles need specialized training but even the most experienced trucker can get into big trouble on the road. Accidental exposure of cargo can lead to several damages and even the smallest dent on any vehicle can run you into huge financial suffering. As potential risks can occur any day you need diverse coverage to protect your business. Here auto hauler insurance plays a major role in the smooth flow of your trucking business.

What is auto hauler insurance?

You transport extremely high-valued cargo and any sort of damage to this shipment can be a big financial burden. There is also a risk of hurting other people and their property in the accidental release of the cargo. Also, the cargo can get stolen or get damaged by fire, explosion, or any other factors. To protect your business from huge financial consequences, you need comprehensive auto hauler insurance coverage.

What are the benefits of auto hauler insurance?

From incorrect loading and breaking windshields to other sorts of damages, for auto haulers, such risks are an integral part of your business. But other sorts of risks can arise both on and off the road. You must carry auto hauler insurance with broad coverage which protects you against a range of situations that ease your expensive burden.

The following are some of the advantages of carrying wide auto hauler insurance coverage:

What does auto hauler insurance cover?

The auto hauler business involves unique risks and challenges that most truck insurances don’t cover. You need to combine multiple coverages to provide comprehensive protection to your vehicle hauling company. Your auto hauler insurance will cover the following:

What coverages do you need as an auto hauler?

Typical commercial auto insurance provides coverages for the accident-related obligation. Sticking to only mandatory cover leaves gaps and will not be helpful when you suffer other types of losses. You need the following additional coverage to add an extra layer of protection from likely events:


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As an auto hauler, you need the following types of insurance coverage to cover your expenses arising out of an accident.

The following businesses need to carry a wide auto hauler insurance:

  • A vehicle dealership that has a carrier to haul vehicles.
  • Businesses that are providing vehicle hauling services.
  • Auto repairing shop.
  • Businesses that transport vehicles for customers.

Auto hauler insurance does not offer the following coverages:

  • Damage or injury to the auto hauler or trucker.
  • Accidents claims due to speedy driving.

The rate of auto hauler insurance depends on several factors namely:

  • Coverage you choose
  • Limit of the policy
  • Driving records
  • Past claims

You can easily save on your truck insurance by bundling coverages. We can help you cover your business needs without costly add-ons and provide multi-policy discounts. Just reach out to us and get your business protected most conveniently.