Semi Truck Insurance

NITIC is dedicated to providing truck fleet owners and drivers with the best and most economical semi truck insurance coverage. For decades, clients across America have depended on us for a flexible coverage and payment options, specialist assistance with heavy-duty truck claims, free insurance filings, discounts, and knowledgeable support.

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Semi truck insurance can be risky, especially for novice truck owners-operators or truck drivers. Knowing the fundamental criteria and possibilities for tractor trailer insurance can help you safeguard your trucking company, no matter how big or small it is.

Your insurance requirements may change, depending on whether your truck is a member of a fleet or you operate it alone. If you are dispatched by a motor carrier, you are covered for liability under the motor carrier’s primary trucking insurance, but there may be other coverage gaps.

Our team of commercial truck insurance experts can guide you through the process and assist you in quickly and affordably locating the right coverage plan for your trucking business.

What is semi truck insurance?

Semi-trucks, also known as semi-trailer-trucks or semi-tractor trailers, come in different sizes and shapes to meet individual needs and is a blanket term for different types of policies available for truck drivers.

Certain policies provide different coverages such as truckers’ legal obligations in a variety of circumstances, including transporting cargo and personal driving and shielding the fleet owner or independent owner-operator from significant hazards associated with running a trucking company.

What type of coverages are included in semi truck insurance?

The most popular coverages for semi-trailer transportation companies include the following:

Bodily Injury Liability

In the event of a truck accident, bodily injury responsibility will include settlement fees, medical bills, and legal defense costs. Because medical costs or settlements for injuries can be substantial, it is advisable to insure your semi truck with this policy.

Property Damage Liability

Other vehicles involved in a crash or collision, buildings, light poles or signs, or other things frequently destroyed in truck accidents are also covered by property damage liability.
This will provides coverage for your tractor-trailer in the case of an accident, collision, theft, vandalism, or natural calamity. If have leased a truck from a motor carrier, then you will require this coverage.
Your cargo is precious that is why it is imperative that you insure your cargo. Depending on the type of cargo such as hazardous or delicate artworks, your tractor is hauling, the premium rates may vary.

Additional Coverages

Other coverages, such as bobtail, or non-trucking, are also available based on your needs.

What Kind Of Commercial Trailers Do We Insure?

Whether you are operating a dry bulk cargo truck, 18-wheeler dump trailer, or box truck, NITIC offers affordable trailer insurance coverages that meet your requirements and price range. The types of tractor trailers for which we offer insurance coverage are as follows:

How Much Does Insurance For Semi trucks Cost?

Due to the fact that our insurer considers a variety of factors when determining premiums, semi-truck insurance rates can vary greatly. The cost of your truck insurance is determined by how our insurer evaluates the following elements:
Therefore, don’t wait too long to insure your semi-truck. Find the best coverage and solutions to assist your trucking business to comply with state mandatory insurance standards by having an open discussion with our insurance representative.

Why Choose NITIC As Your Semi-truck Insurance Company?

National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG is based on offering semi-trailer truckers quick, thorough, and affordable insurance options. We welcome both novice and experienced trucking businesses and drivers and provide them with the best coverage to suit their individual needs.

We are aware of the numerous risks involved in on- and off-loading freight. For this reason, we believe in providing full coverage for semi-trucks at the best and most reasonable prices.


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There are many commercial semi-truck insurance coverages that are required for truck drivers. However, your owner-operator position will largely determine the type of coverage you require. There are two types of owner-operator statuses:
  • Owner-operators who are leased to a trucking company,
  • And owner-operators who operate on their own authority.
Some insurance requirements of an owner-operator under a long contract with a motor carrier are usually fulfilled by the motor carrier.

Yes, you do. Each state mandates minimum insurance limits for bodily harm liability and physical damage liability. Physical damage insurance, which covers for loss to your semi-trailer if it is damaged in an accident or due to another covered risk, will also be required by your lender if you still owe money on your semi-truck.

In some circumstances, your motor carrier will provide liability insurance. In other situations, you’ll need to acquire your liability policy in addition to any additional coverages you might require to adequately safeguard your trucking company.

Well, evaluating the exact cost of your semi-truck insurance depends on a lot of factors such as the claiming record, deductible amount, your truck model type, the type of coverage you have chosen, the CDL’s experience, and more.
You can expand your coverage to include elements other than just basic liability protection in order to completely safeguard your trucking company:
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Motor Cargo Insurance
  • Bobtail Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
And more depending on your needs.