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Searching for trailer interchange insurance? NITIC has over 30 years of experience in providing trailer interchange insurance quote to commercial trucking clients nationwide. With hundreds of 5-star Google reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB, NITIC is your trusted trailer interchange insurance company for fast, reliable quotes. Our exceptional customer support, affordable truck insurance, fastest claim settlement policy, and quality service distinguish us from other commercial insurance policy providers.

In the trucking business, it’s typical for truckers to transport or make use of borrowed or leased trucks. Many commercial trailer truckers are unaware that while the non-owned trailer is covered by their liability policy, there is no protection for physical damage.

Physical damage to the trailer while it is in their custody is solely the responsibility of the owner-operator or motor carrier. Thus, in order to effectively protect yourself and your business from any financial strain, you need trailer interchange insurance

Our team of specialists in commercial truck insurance can help you find the best coverage option for your trucking company quickly and affordably by guiding you through the process.

What is Trailer Interchange Insurance?

The trailer interchange insurance policy guards against any loss or damage occurred when a trailer is being transferred from one place to another. This coverage provides you peace of mind when hauling non-owned trailers that are in your custody.

Before acquiring a trailer interchange insurance policy, you should assess your company’s demands and determine the kind of coverage alternatives you want.

If you’d like, our insurance specialists may assist you in focusing your search and identifying the option that most closely matches your requirements.

When do you need Trailer Interchange Insurance?

You need comprehensive insurance coverage whether you borrow or utilize someone else’s trailer. Even if you already have a trucker’s liability insurance policy in place, there is no physical damage coverage, You require this insurance in the following typical situations:

Additionally, you must purchase this insurance if you are shipping freight in accordance with a documented contract. Without it, you run the danger of incurring a high cost should damage occur while in use.

When do you NOT need Trailer Interchange Insurance?

The trailer interchange insurance is typically not applicable In the following circumstances:

Who needs Trailer Interchange Insurance?

Trailer Interchange insurance is typically needed by trucking companies, motor carriers, and owner-operators involved in the transportation of goods using trailers that they do not own. Here are the primary entities that may need Trailer Interchange insurance:

Motor Carriers: Trucking companies that operate with a combination of owned and non-owned trailers may need Trailer Interchange insurance. This coverage protects against physical damage to non-owned trailers while they are in the insured’s possession.

Owner-Operators: Independent truck drivers who lease their services to motor carriers and transport goods using trailers that are not owned by them may require Trailer Interchange insurance. This coverage helps protect against damage to the non-owned trailers they are responsible for.

Freight Brokers: Companies or individuals acting as freight brokers or intermediaries in the transportation industry may need Trailer Interchange insurance to cover trailers used in the course of their operations.

Trucking Fleets: Larger trucking fleets that interchange trailers with other carriers or entities may find Trailer Interchange insurance beneficial to cover potential damages to trailers not owned by them.

Intermodal Transportation Companies: Businesses involved in intermodal transportation, where goods are transferred between different modes of transportation such as truck, rail, and ship, may need Trailer Interchange insurance for the trailers used during these transfers.

What scenarios are covered by Trailer Interchange Insurance?

Trailers that you use to move goods from one place to another are covered by trailer exchange insurance. The majority of the time, if you want to do business with the firm that owns the trailer, you must first buy trailer interchange insurance. It covers costs associated with trailer damage in the following cases:

How much does Trailer Interchange Insurance cost?

Because our insurer takes a number of factors into account when calculating premiums, the following considerations can have a significant impact on the cost of trailer interchange insurance:
So don’t put off getting your rental trailer insured. Talk openly with our insurance expert to find the finest protection and options to help your trucking company adhere to state-mandated insurance requirements.

Indicate State Specifics

The state of Virginia does not offer trailer interchange insurance.

Why choose NITIC as your Trailer Interchange Insurance Company?

National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG provides rapid, comprehensive, and cost-effective insurance alternatives for trailer interchange coverage. Both new and seasoned trucking companies and drivers are welcome, and we offer them the best protection to meet their unique needs.

We are aware of all the risks connected with loading and unloading freight. For this reason, we are committed to offering complete coverage for non-owned trailers at the best available rates.


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When a loaned or leased trailer is used for business or pleasure, third-party physical injuries and property damage are not covered by trailer interchange insurance. You can select Non-trucking liability insurance or Unladen insurance if you wish to be protected from the expense of injuries caused by your power mover while a rented or borrowed trailer is attached to it.
Only a rented or borrowed trailer that is connected to a power unit is protected by non-owned trailer coverage. On the other hand, trailer exchange insurance covers the trailer whether or not it is connected to a power unit.
Determining the precise cost of your trailer interchange insurance depends on a number of variables, including the history of property losses, the accident’s location, the coverage level, and the price of the trailer.
The following events are covered by trailer interchange insurance:
  • Deliveries of goods, materials, or products are made using the trailer.
  • The owner-operator or the driver uses the trailer for personal errands.