Delaware Commercial Truck Insurance

Over 30 years of providing quality with affordability in our truck insurance services, we have highly grown our customer base in Delaware.  We ensure all kinds of trucks with customized coverage according to specific business needs. Once you partner with us, you will get the finest coverage that falls within your budget.

Protect your trucking business at the lowest cost

Better coverage at your affordability

Accidents on the road bring grave consequences for a trucking business. Damages to property or people can put the entire business on pause. Unforeseen incidents cannot be controlled but protecting your finances is in your hands. Let us be your partners in providing this safety net to your business. We have over 3 decades of experience in offering various truck insurance solutions to our clients. Be one of our prime customers and forget all the worries.

What do we offer?

NITIC provides exceptional customer service in each step of getting insurance to processing the claim. We have a team of professionals who are certified and highly experienced in providing trucking solutions in Delaware. They will help you get the most beneficial truck coverage out of your money spent. NITIC is renowned for its excellent and fastest claim settlements. We are well aware of all likely risks associated with the trucking business and help you cover the cost of expenses you suffer in an accident. We offer reliability and affordability, get in touch with us to explore your options.

Areas we cover in Delaware

We offer truck insurance in almost every city of Delaware including:

Our customers from all these cities are satisfied with our insurance services. Let us find you the best truck coverage that offers great financial support when an incident happens.

Commercial truck insurance in Delaware

When heavy vehicles like semi-trucks or dump trucks involve in an accident, the outcomes are catastrophic. The amount of physical and property damage can be massive. To safeguard your trucking business from such possibilities, you need adequate commercial truck insurance in Delaware. This coverage offers peace of mind and great monetary support when risks hit your business.

What types of trucks do we provide coverage in New Jersey?

Sticking to minimum state requirements like primary liability insurance is beneficial but only to a certain extent. If you want to safeguard your trucking business in Delaware, you need to think beyond the mandatory coverages which are:

Physical damage: This coverage protects the insured from several possibilities that lead to property damage. It pays for the cost of repair or replacing the truck if it gets seriously damaged in an accident.

Motor truck cargo: In case, the cargo you transport gets damaged in the middle of the journey, you get compensated for the freight loss or damage you suffer in an incident.

Non-trucking liability: Non-trucking liability coverage protects your truck against physical injury or property damage occurring when it is used for non-commercial activities or is under dispatch.

Trailer interchange: This coverage protects the insured from loss or damage to non-owned or leased trailers in the accident.


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