Types of trucks we insure

Businesses using trucks for hauling any sort of shipment need commercial vehicle insurance to ensure their safety on the road. At NITIC, we understand your unique insurance needs and the risks related to your business. We make sure that your assets are fully protected. We offer blanket coverage for all types of trucks at your preferred price.

Get comprehensive protection while saving thousands!

Protect your assets with the finest coverage

If your business operations completely rely on trucks then insuring them is crucial. Having commercial truck insurance proves to be beneficial when an accident arises. It provides immediate financial support to meet the expenses incurred.

What types of trucks do we offer coverage for?

NITIC offers bespoke truck insurance for all type of commercial vehicles you use for transporting the shipment. We offer commercial truck insurance for the following trucks:

Tractor Trailers (Semi-Trucks)

Built for carrying heavy-duty construction machinery, a semi-tractor trailer has multiple axles. Whether you are a private carrier or an owner-operator, we offer comprehensive tractor trailer coverage that you need for your 18-wheeler truck. Our highly specific truck policy will secure your business from all unforeseen events that can hinder its operation.

As semi-trucks weigh huge tons and move at a higher speed, they can bring catastrophic results on the road if gets collided with another vehicle or property. You need to get your truck insured with the following coverages:

Box trucks are mainly used for moving furniture, appliances, courier, and freight to different destinations. These trucks are also known as straight trucks and cube trucks. As transporters haul lightweight goods, they often take local routes to move the shipment and do not require to carry a license. But the cargo and the truck are exposed to several risks on the road, so they need insurance.

There are n-number of possibilities on the road that can put your business on hold. Consider taking the following insurance for your box trucks:

A truck that carries time-sensitive and smaller loads to nearby destinations are hot shot truck. Transportation truckers play the role of minutemen in this trucking business. They don’t require a commercial driving license but need a motor carrier authority number to drive. These trucks help in expediting shipping more than a usual pace.

With high-speed driving, these trucks are exposed to a number of risks. You need to protect it from many possibilities. Hot shot truck insurance offers coverage for:

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used to transport voluminous materials like sand, dirt, demolition, gravel, and ores during a mining or construction process. The structure of these trucks is different from other types of trucks. The risk of incorrect loading, holding off-road, and other safety hazards are major concerns in this trucking business.

Protecting your dump trucks with the right truck insurance is important. You need to get the following coverages for your dump truck:

Trucks that are engaged in removing abandoned or disabled vehicles from the roadway are tow trucks. Also known as flatbeds, these trucks are a bit complex that tow a motor of any size from one point to a specific destination. Pulling a heavy vehicle puts a tow truck into more mass which exposes the towing truck to many risks.

If you haul highly valued and weighty vehicles, then you need to get the following insurance coverage for your tow truck:


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Commercial truck insurance is designed for the trucking industry. It is a form of coverage for owner-operators and for-hire against the potential risks while they are hauling cargo from point A to point B. This policy comes in various sizes and covers, so differs from business to business.
Carrying truck insurance is vital for businesses that use heavy-duty vehicles for hauling cargo and other types of shipments. It covers the insurer from the following risks:
  • Medical expenses of the injured party after an accident.
  • Property damage resulted from accidents, theft, fire, vandalism, etc.
  • Loss of shipment due to theft, fire, explosion, etc.
  • Lawsuits from the third party after bodily injury or property damage.
Commercial truck insurance covers a specific need for trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, and trailers. You need to carry this policy if you are:
  • Private carrier company.
  • Owner operator.
  • Motor carrier.
  • Fleet management business.
  • A person who drives a truck for commercial purposes.
The cost of commercial truck insurance depends on the below factors:
  • Type of truck used in business.
  • The location you are serving.
  • The amount and type of cargo you haul.
  • The past driving records of your truckers.
  • The radius of your movement.
Depending on the above aspects, you should expect to pay between $640 to $982.