California Commercial Truck Insurance

Whether you have one or keep multiple fleets for carrying out your business activities, we offer bespoke insurance coverages for all. We have over 3 decades of experience in delivering high-end trucking solutions to our clients. At NITIC, you get the best value for the money you spent on your truck insurance.

Provide utmost safety to your trucking business in California

Great policy plans at affordable prices

To keep your commercial trucks safe both on and off the road and also to operate uninterruptedly, you need adequate commercial truck insurance in California. We offer several insurance solutions to our customers at the most affordable rates. We have an unending list of satisfied clients in the state, call us and become one of our valued and happy customers.

What do we offer?

Once you trust us with your trucking needs, you will never regret it a bit. We have a huge customer base in the United States. We offer constant customer support to our clients to help them with their claim settlement at the quickest rate. We provide customized policies for all types of trucks. We don’t believe in pitching unnecessary add-ons because we don’t want our customers to pay extra money. We only introduce you to the needed insurance coverage that proves to be beneficial.

Areas we cover in California

Our satisfied customers are from over the cities of California. We offer truck insurance to:
Be one of our gratified clients by getting the finest insurance coverage for yourself. Get in touch with us and see how much you can save!

Commercial truck insurance in California

Being in the trucking business is full of possible threats. Risks like theft, collision, cargo loss, physical injury, etc. can occur anytime. To protect your business from such mishaps, you need to have adequate commercial truck insurance in California. This policy offers great monetary help and keeps your business operations unharmed.

Why do you require commercial truck insurance in California?

Commercial truck insurance comes with several benefits. Not only it protects your finances but also keeps your business reputation intact. If you are using a commercial vehicle for transporting cargo in California then you need to get the following coverages.

Liability insurance: Whether you drive locally or do long hauls in California, you need to have liability coverage to operate legally on the road. It is minimum and mandatory coverage by state law that protects you against property damage or bodily injury done to a third party in an accident.

Physical damage coverage: This policy is not legally required but is no less significant. This coverage pays for all the property and physical damages faced by you in the event of an accident.

Motor truck cargo: The cargo you transport is the most important factor in your trucking operation. Therefore, to ensure its safety from possible incidents motor truck cargo insurance comes into play.

Truckers’ general liability: This coverage offers protection for you and your business from bodily injury and property damage done by your driver to the other party. It also pays for the lawsuit by people impacted by the accident.


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