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NITIC has dedicated the last three decades to providing top-notch box truck insurance to truck owners all across America. We work hard to offer our clients a variety of box truck insurance coverage options, free filings, and large truck settlements at a fair price.

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Searching for box truck insurance? NITIC has over 30 years of experience in providing competitive box truck insurance quotes to our clients across the country. With hundreds of 5-star Google reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB, NITIC is your trusted box truck insurance company for fast, reliable quotes. Our exceptional customer support, affordable truck insurance, fastest claim settlement policy, and quality service distinguish us from other commercial truck insurance policy providers.

Box trucks are widely used by companies and individual truckers that specialize in transporting goods across states. Many organizations including courier services, retail shipping firms, and moving companies require box trucks for transportation.

As a result, box truck owners require insurance coverage to protect their assets in case of an incident that could cause damage to their box trucks. As a company owner, one must make sure that they are completely covered by commercial box truck insurance provided by NITIC.

This type of insurance is one of the most crucial auto coverages which ensures the safety of the owner-operator’s truck, regardless of whether they are privately owned, or company-hired.

What Is Box Truck Insurance?

Box truck insurance is a type of insurance that protects truck owners in the case of an accident from liabilities, property destruction, and physical injuries. Box trucks require more coverage than other vehicles do under a commercial auto insurance.

Box truck insurance is necessary for truck owners since it is designed particularly to safeguard them against typical dangers that are unique to box trucks. For the protection of owner operators and for-hire drivers, NITIC offers truck owners specialized box and straight truck coverages.

Types Of Box And Straight Trucks

Popular vehicles that fall within the category of box trucks and straight trucks include the following:

Box Truck Insurance Coverages

Insurance coverage for box truck drivers includes the following:

Physical Damages Insurance

This insurance covers the physical damage to a box truck. Physical damage insurance shields you against financial loss or structural damage to your insured truck following a collision with another vehicle object. Motor carriers and owner-operators should have physical damage insurance, which is frequently necessary depending on whether there is a lien holder.

Liability Insurance

This insurance compensates for any bodily injuries sustained by a person(s) caused by the collision. Your liability insurance’s bodily injury coverage will cover medical costs and other related costs if your truck commits an auto accident and passengers are injured as a result.
There are two crucial components to liability insurance:

Injury Compensation

Bodily injury coverage covers the costs associated with injuries sustained in truck accidents. The bodily injury element of your liability insurance will cover the transportation and hospitalization charges if your van was at fault for the collision and one or more persons needed to be sent to the hospital, for instance. Insurance for bodily injuries covers for routine medical treatment.

Property Destruction

Your liability insurance policy’s property damage coverage covers the cost of repairing or replacing any property that has been damaged in the auto accident. For instance, the property damage portion of your business insurance coverage will cover the cost of replacing the other vehicle if your box truck totals it.


Box trucks are large, heavy, and challenging to drive. It’s hardly surprising that they frequently inflict significant damage in accidents given their size and weight. Insurance for box trucks offers protection from liability, medical expenses, property damage, and truck liability.
This suggests that if an accident were to occur on the insured truck, the cost for damages as well as medical expenses would be covered by the insurance plan. For example, if the truck owner or any individual was harmed by the insured truck, the cost for medical expenses as well as any damage to property will be accounted for in the liability insurance.


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Box truck insurance may be very pricey, but the expense is worthwhile. Consider the upkeep costs for every truck you use for business. You’ll be in the negative for a very long time if you include loss of revenue, liabilities costs, cargo loss, legal charges, and equipment maintenance and replacement costs. At NITIC, truck insurance would cost around $10,000 to $20,000 on an annual basis.
If you install additional safety features, you can reduce the cost of your box truck insurance.
Your total box truck insurance cost depends on a variety of factors, including the kind of coverage you need, the number of drivers and vehicles, and more.