Private Carrier Insurance

NITIC has been providing comprehensive, customized, and reasonable private carrier insurance solutions to truckers for more than 30 years. We can help you find the most suitable coverage that your business requires. Here, you get high-quality and tailored service at an unbeatable & affordable cost.

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As a private carrier, your trucks are exposed to many possibilities on the road while hauling goods. We understand all those risks and customize coverage according to your specific trucking business needs. If you need any help in deciding what sort of coverage is right for your business then we are happy to help because we know how risky your job is and how it can be protected comprehensively.

What are the different types of coverages available for private carriers?

Your trucks are used for transporting your own cargo. Not only you should keep their condition upright but also protect your trucks from many possibilities while it’s on the move with your valuable goods. There are different types of coverages that are designed for private carriers as follows:

Liability insurance: When your truck gets involved in an accident then liability coverage will protect you from the cost arising out of property damage and physical injuries done to the third party. Liability insurance provides twofold protection i.e.

Physical damage coverage: This insurance also offers coverage in two parts i.e.

What are the benefits of getting private carrier insurance?

Private carrier insurance provides numerous benefits to your business and its daily operations. The major advantages that this coverage provides you are:

Private carrier insurance filings

Whether you are a motor carrier, broker authority, household goods motor carrier, or freight mover, you must have specific legal documents including truck insurance according to FMCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). You need federal insurance fillings when you move your goods across the state. This financial proof of responsibility assures the government that your operations are legal and you are carrying adequate commercial truck insurance.

Motor carrier vs. motor private carrier


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Private carriers who are engaged in transporting their own goods, cargo, and other shipments need private carrier insurance. This coverage offers great protection against numerous risks and accidents that can happen on the road or while on-loading and offloading the shipment.
It is difficult to provide an exact figure for a private carrier insurance price. This is because there are certain aspects that need to be factored in when deciding the cost of this insurance namely:
  • Driving records of your truckers
  • The place where you keep your trucks
  • The age of trucks
  • The location where you do business
  • Legal requirements (depends on the nature of your business and state laws)
  • Types of risks your trucks are exposed to.
Yes, no matter whether you are using your trucks for commercial purposes or private motives, you need to provide your vehicles with adequate protection from numerous risks. Additionally, if you want to operate lawfully on the road, you need the right truck insurance coverage.
Your claim is initiated on the same day as soon as you send your request. At NITIC you get exceptional claiming service with great customer support who will guide you in each step of the process. You will get your money compensated when you need it the most.