Liability Insurance

As an owner-operator, you have already got so much on your plate, why take on more? With NITIC as your truck insurer, you can have the best and most affordable Liability Insurance Coverage. Our customizable protection and payment options, professional assistance with claims involving heavy-duty trucks, free insurance filings, discounts, and knowledgeable support have made us a trusted source for clients all over America for many years.

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In the trucking industry, accidents are a constant threat to financial stability. A liability insurance policy protects you from legally liable claims for injuries and property damage in the event of an accident. It will pay for all of the injured third-party’s expenditures including the medical bills or repairing of their vehicle.

Every truck insurance policy must have liability insurance. Speak with one of our insurance specialists; they will guide you through the process and assist you in identifying the best options for your business.

What does liability insurance cover?

If you are found to be at fault for the accident, you will be responsible for the losses suffered by the third party and will have to pay the following upfront expenses:

What EXCLUSIONS apply to liability insurance?

Your liability insurance is not applicable under:

Who needs a liability insurance policy?

Nearly all of the states in the United States need liability insurance. It is mainly required by:

What types of liability insurance are there?

Truck owners are subject to various liabilities, each of which may result in significant claims against their assets. Every owner-operator must have an asset security strategy in place that is based on the availability of liability insurance.

Most common forms of liability insurance:

How Much Does Liability Insurance Cost?

Liability insurance premiums are subject to wide variation because our insurer takes several variables into account when calculating premiums. The way our insurer assesses the subsequent factors will influence how much your truck insurance will cost:
So don’t put off purchasing liability insurance. Talk openly with our insurance representative to find the finest protection and options to help your trucking company adhere to state-mandated insurance requirements.

Why choose NITIC as your Liability Insurance Company?

For various liability insurance coverages, National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, offers quick, thorough, and affordable insurance solutions. We welcome all trucking businesses and drivers, regardless of experience level, and we provide the greatest protection to suit their particular requirements.

We are aware of all the dangers associated with operating, loading, and unloading freight on a road truck. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing complete liability coverage at the most competitive prices.


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It is a broad word that is meant to safeguard you and your company from the upfront costs incurred by third parties in the event of an accident, such as medical expenditures, property damage, and legal costs.
It is not necessary to obtain liability insurance unless your line of work involves a hazardous environment as defined by the Environment Protection Act of 1986. But it is unquestionably advised.
You can choose your insurance provider and the level of coverage you need to determine the premiums you will pay. In most cases, the premiums you pay would be significantly less than the final cost of such liabilities.