Sandhills Publishing announces

Sandhills Publishing introduces, a new website that serves the needs of trucking and transportation companies and drivers in the commercial trucking industry. The website provides a simple avenue for connecting companies seeking commercial truck drivers with qualified drivers seeking jobs. draws on the widespread reach and success of Truck Paper—the industry’s leading print and online resource for buying and selling trucks and trailers—to serve licensed drivers and companies seeking drivers.

“ offers a tremendously convenient way to find employment in the commercial trucking industry,” says Colton Schneider, sales manager at Sandhills.

“Drivers looking for work can easily compare different job openings to find the perfect fit.” The site will effectively serve an extensive audience of buyers and sellers who have leveraged Truck Paper since its inception in the early 1980s. “Truck Paper is the number one resource in the commercial trucking industry for buyers and sellers,” explains Colton. “Those buyers and sellers need drivers, so is a natural progression that allows us to continue to meet customer needs.”’s searchable listings include important information drivers need, such as location, classification requirements, and haul preferences. “Drivers can also post a general employment application directly to the Driver Board,” explains Colton.

“This makes their information accessible to all of the companies that are hiring, so employers can contact candidates directly.”