Trucking startup Convoy making inroads

Seattle-based trucking startup Convoy is making inroads into the trucking industry. Convoy now has 100,000 truckers signed up in its driver-t0-shipment matching application.

Convoy’s customer base now includes more than 400 customers, including 20 Fortune 500 companies. Anheuser-Busch and Unilever are two of the most high-profile clients.

The company recently announced its Automated Detention feature on its app, expediting the process for drivers to get credit for extra time waiting at a loading facility.

Convoy won the Startup of the Year at the 2017 GeekWire Awards and recently announced a partnership discount program with Goodyear Tires.

As part of the program, Convoy drivers get preferred pricing on tires and access to Goodyear’s Fleet HW Roadside Service, available 24/7.

The new features are part of Convoy’s focus on helping truck drivers with more automation and technology, according to Kristen Forecki, vice president of carrier engagement and expansion.

“The fact that we really help carriers grow their business and operate more efficiently is something that is really unique to Convoy,” she said.