Newcomer Overhaul enters on-demand market

Overhaul, an online marketplace designed for the trucking industry, may be the new kid on the block but it is staffed with industry veterans.

Founders Barry Conlon and Robert Clarke have 45 years of experience in supply chain and logistics experience and bring that expertise to the new enterprise.

“I pride myself on being a forward-thinker that’s always searching for new and better ways to do things. I think my military background, with extensive Tier-1 Special Operations experience, has much to do with that. It certainly had something to do with how I reorganized and grew the risk management firm, FreightWatch, into a global leader of innovative supply chain security solutions,” said Conlon.

Clarke sees owner-operators as the key. “The logistics industry has so many opportunities to fail, unless you consider the strongest link: ultimately that’s the man or woman that has your cargo in his or her care,” said Clarke. “Owner operators are the backbone of the economy in North America, and I think it’s time to give credit, recognition and reward to this group of men and women.

Overhaul recently launched their web platform and mobile app, which they call the next generation online marketplace for the trucking industry designed to address the needs of owner operator carriers and shippers moving higher value, more sensitive cargo. The “uberization of trucking” concept connects the needs of premium shippers to trusted professional drivers and operators eliminating the need to connect through third parties.

“With Overhaul, trusted drivers can thrive in an environment they get to design for themselves. We provide a secure method for shippers to move cargo with recognized and trusted drivers at our foundation,” said Conlon, CEO of Overhaul.

The Overhaul team will leverage its extensive network of contacts to line up higher end shippers and trusted owner operators (representing 91 percent of the US transportation fleet) in advance of the online marketplace launch mid-year.

Overhaul’s proprietary technology, with advanced safety and security features, and managed logistics services guarantees a secure move that will satisfy enterprise-level customers. Ultimately, resulting in increased visibility and security for sensitive and time-critical cargo at a reduced cost for shippers. Operators will benefit from the opportunity to build relationships with shippers while improving their cash flow based on performance criteria during ‘the haul’.

The commercial trucking industry, a $115B per year industry, is one of the last industries to adopt technology to impact industry bottom lines in a big way. There are several significant incentives, for both shippers and carriers, to utilize technology to simplify a complex process. Additionally, disintermediation or removal of the middleman through the use of technology has a direct and substantial positive impact on the drivers’ and shippers’ bottom lines. Uber and Netflix are prime examples of how technology can be used to simplify processes and produce substantial gains and in many respects, some of the complexities that they faced in their industries were tougher.

Conlon said carriers have progressively embraced smartphone technology over the last three years. This allows them to channel a new, smarter, and more efficient way of doing business and assists them with the management of their business on the fly. Technology provides earning power and efficiency. Situation awareness has a direct impact on their bottom line.

“This is probably an area that technology can have the most impact on: Knowing what’s around you and supply versus demand. Providing a tool for shippers and drivers to seamlessly make these connections is key,” he said.

Conlon said for shippers, the use of technology is not just about situational awareness and cost savings.

“The importance of working in a secure environment is crucial and trust is key. Our background at Overhaul provides a unique position, one in which we know the industry and we know how to define the critical cornerstone construction points for what constitutes a secure movement. We know it. We’ve done,” he said.

“With that said, Overhaul is not just a security tool, but an advanced supply chain tool. We want to provide a more secure and efficient way of doing business that will significantly impact the lives and work of shippers and carriers. We understand that having visibility of the handling and care of products is not something that has been readily available, but it is something that technology can and will provide,” he added.

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