Kentucky Commercial Truck Insurance

NITIC is no.1 truck insurance company in Kentucky. We have over 3 decades of experience in providing bespoke truck coverages at the most affordable rates. We are renowned for our high-quality customer support. We offer only the necessary coverages to businesses because we don’t believe in charging extra for needless add-ons. Call us and get your needs customized!

Get supreme protection for your trucks at the lowest cost!

Save thousands and get extra security

Carrying out a trucking business is risky as your commercial vehicles are mostly on the road. Accidents, fire, theft, rollovers, collision, etc. are some likely risks to which your trucks are exposed daily. You can’t control these threats but can add a protective layer to your trucking business. Let us help you personalize your truck insurance needs most easily.

What do we offer?

When it comes to providing commercial truck insurance, NITIC is the most reliable partner in Kentucky. We offer the best insurance coverage at an unbelievable cost. We know what sort of coverage is required for different types of trucks as we have insured all. Our several customers are dependent on us for their trucking insurance and we have never led them down.

Areas we cover in Kentucky

As we have customers in each state of the US, we offer bespoke trucking policies to almost every city in Kentucky including:

In all these cities, we have grown to be the best insurance providers because we always put our customers at the top of our priority list. We offer various deals in all types of insurance coverage. Contact us and explore your options!

Commercial truck insurance in Kentucky

A commercial truck is required to carry a maximum level of liability coverage than other vehicles. Because your trucks are every day on the road carrying valuable cargo from one place to another. You need to cover not only your commercial trucks but also the shipment you haul. Commercial truck insurance is wide in Kentucky, let us help you personalize what type of coverage you need to add to your policy for optimum protection.

Why do you need commercial truck insurance in Kentucky?

To operate legally on the road, you need to carry commercial truck insurance in Kentucky. Without adequate coverage, you expose your trucking business to many likely dangers. If you don’t want to bear heavy financial loss then get proper commercial truck insurance today.

However, sticking to the state’s minimum requirement like primary liability is not beneficial when your truck, driver, or passengers gets badly impacted in an accident. You need to think of other coverages that protect your investment and the cargo such as physical damage, motor truck cargo insurance, non-trucking coverage, non-owned trailer coverage, etc. These coverages are designed to provide comprehensive security to all types of trucking businesses in Kentucky.


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