Michigan Commercial Truck Insurance

NITIC ranks no.1 when it comes to providing truck insurance in Michigan. We have spread across all the cities of Michigan and have the highest customer base in the state. We offer customized insurance plans at the most reasonable rate. We are renowned for our fast claim settlement process. Call us and partner with credibility and affordability!

Get comprehensive protection at the lowest cost

Safekeeping of investment at a better rate

Truckers and companies using commercial vehicles to transport different types of cargo in Michigan must carry truck insurance. Drivers who operate within the state should adhere to state regulations and those who function interstate should follow federal insurance regulations. Let us help you get an adequate amount of coverage for your trucks and stay legal on the road within and across borders.

What do we offer?

From primary liability and physical damage to motor truck cargo and non-trucking liability, we offer all kinds of coverage for all types of trucks. No matter how big or small your trucking business is, we can work together and customize your needs into a policy that never fails to provide financial comfort at the time of requirement.

Areas we cover in Michigan

We offer insurance coverage in almost every city in Michigan including:

We have loyal customers across all the cities in Michigan who are satisfied with our insurance services. We offer several discounted offers in all types of coverage. Contact us and check how much you can save on your policy!

Commercial truck insurance in Michigan

There were over 13,416 accidents caused by trucks in the state of Michigan in 2017. The rate has only multiplied, and so has the cost of medical bills and replacing heavy truck equipment. To safeguard your trucking operations from a huge financial downfall, you need to get adequate commercial truck insurance in Michigan. Without a proper trucking policy, you are exposing your business to innumerable risks on the road. This not only hits you monetarily but also impacts your reputation.

How does truck insurance work in Michigan?

All vehicles whether used for personal or commercial purposes must carry minimum liability. It should cover both property damage as well as bodily injury. Overall the Michigan state insurance requisites are:

We might recommend additional coverages based on the type of trucks you own and how you use them. Vehicles like semi-trucks need extra liability coverage.  Call us, share your business requirement and let us personalize your insurance needs in minutes!


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